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what question did you submit to Bill O'Reilly to ask Obama?

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If you, Mr. President, learned that space changes by itself currently, not over time, what would you do to correct your course of actions standardizing misdirection of real to honor truths that make no instinctive sense and lead society to intellectual self destruction of genetic continuation for the sake of saving the value of interpreting "what if"?


I won't hold my breath until it happens either. Plus, I won't be watching that arrogant sob interviewing him anyway. OReilly's stage performance reminds me of John Housemans role as the law prophessor from Paper Chase, movie and series.


The thing about character is, it is a masked behavior of the gender playing the role pretending to be something they aren't for real, just really pretending to be that personality/nature as directed reciting from a script/ure.

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I reread the title as saw what I didn't pay attention to earlier, it was past tense on submiting the question. However, I doubt this question ever gets asked anyone of authority in a public arena exchanging ideas of "what if".


wouldn't want the general population to get the idea institutions don't want everyone to understand real equally.

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If Obama was asked that he would know what to say. Oreilly would have to explain what continuation meant.


To bad you have no interest in what our Commander in Chief has to say at one of the few unreherased interviews he gives.

Yes he would, studdering profusly. It most likely would come at him unsuspectedly. Remember those saving reality never ask questions they don't have the answer to before asked.


Same in a court of law. Television is a courtroom of making public opinions channelled down specific vocabulary pitting one side of an issue against all other potential what if attitudes formed in denying now is eternity.


It is how philosophy rules psychological class warfare.

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That contributes of course...but many have given up.


The job market is DOWN!

thats because oblamer is more interested in giving out free UI than relaxing regulations and getting the gov out of the way...


most of the supposed "new jobs" are just people filling in where full timers got cut back,

because of the unaffordablecareTAX..

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when oblamer lied... redundant I know...


when he claims there is more oil production under him.... does anyone have the breakdown that shows the federal land he actually controls , is oil production on federal land up or down ?


lol... yea I know...


any takers ?

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"Mr Obama, this is Bill. You know..Bill O'Rilley of the O'Rilley factor on fox news every night at 8 and 11PM EST. Don't forget to check out my new book. And I'll be appearing on The Tonight Show this coming Friday. Mr. Obama, I know you don't like us here at fox news for all the lies and fabrications we put out, but look at it from our POV. You're a black man, and at the head of this great country. We can't have that, it goes against our very being, our core beliefs, our nature. We could never support a man of color as our President. So I ask you Mr. Obama, what else could we do..? We'll never accept you....but will you please stop talking bad about us..?"

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I would ask....


"What can Barrack Obama do to bring more bipartisanship to the legislature??"


I would really wan't to ask but it would be a waste of a question....


"Will you donwgrade marijuana from a Class 1 Substance??""


Your right because BHO...would reply It's all the REPUBS fault.


Downgrade pot...they oughta make it legal...I'd rather my kids / grandkids smoke that than CIGS.



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