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No More Excuses: Build The Keystone Pipeline

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Keystone XL Review Sees Little Impact on Climate

Analysis Finds Project Wouldn't Likely Change Amount of Oil From Canadian Oil Sands


WASHINGTONAn Obama administration analysis of the Keystone XL pipeline said the project would not likely change the amount of oil ultimately removed from Canadian oil sands, suggesting that building the pipeline would have little impact on global climate change.


Environmental impact of a pipeline:



Environmental impact of wind turbines:



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He owes the greenies. That is the answer and the only answer. It is splitting the dems. The unions know it is 80,000 high paying jobs. Oblameo stiffs them on the pipeline and massages them on a minimum wage increase that only helps %.01 percent of the workers. The same arguments against this pipeline were put forth with the Alaska pipeline. The arguments were wrong then and they are wrong now. Look for green dems to go berserk when a train with oil or a truck with oil crashes. No one will blame oblameo. Greenies will blame oil co's, trucking co's and railroads. Oblameo is a master at playing both sides of the fence to the detriment of the people at large.

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