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Bosnia's Connection to Terrorism

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Bush believed it was so important to make war in Afghanistan and Iraq, but many sources state that the Bosnian war may have been the biggest cause of the 9/11 attacks. The Bosnian embassy originally helped Bin Laden get a Bosnian passport. Yet, this is not something that normal people talk about. Instead, we helped the Bosnians fight the Serbs, who committed numerous atrocities against the Serbs. Yet, we consider the Serbs "bad guys" and dropped depleted uranium onto Serbian civilians.







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I had thought Sloboravia was the cause of all the war!


Balkan states. Still living the remaining vestiges of the Ottoman Turks invasions. That is, hatred and genocide.


A place where Hitler meets Milosovich meets Tito. And all agree; "Let the bodies hit the floor"


Its really hard to root for any of these ethnic hot beds of hate!

Croatian people greeted Nazis with unbounding enthusiasm and parades when Hitler invaded.


They had an even better plan for genocide than Heinrich Himmler!


And they celebrated when the Commies took over!


These fools are just plain sick!

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