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Ever live on a continental divide watching water seeks its own level

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the river on the left goes north and the river on the right goes south?



Makes you have a separate perception of each while both exist in the same events and natural balance isn't a linear progression.


Choice is a powerful tool until you allow others to make it a weapon of mass distortion and choosing between real and saving projected realities not even your own beliefs.


Compromise with denial and you become a denier. Which is worse denial or lying because one requires you know the difference and the other makes up different choices that never lead back to the point of origin that ends up being a lifetimes final destination of departure living a sole existence here.


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


What gave me the idea of posting this thread was reading the title to another about a merger with Canada.


Legal means to bypassing water treaties. Since I can remember there are powers at large that want to pipe great lakes water to the sun belt. Another humanity trying to conquer natural balancing.


what an ego intellect assumes being smarter than instincts being the host to reflective thought.

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