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How and why every social justification fails.

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Historically. The future is NOW all the time in this atmosphere and the universal moment surrounding it.


Keep it simple, make it stay linear.


OK, let me dumb it down from exponential self containment to the reality of defined space and time according to humanity's definitions where nobody knows everything about anything specific.


A,E,I,O,U, and sometimes Y added to a score of consonants makes 26 ways to invent half truths from solstice to solstice or equinox to equinox in this atmosphere specific to this planet's universal position and composition.


Now I am connecting the points of view and the points of perception here as I must include what everyone believes of those I know and those I hear about.


Now to the simplicity of a deck of cards to a house of cards that can be blown over by just a puff of air or a jiggle of the surface it sits upon.


We are taught there are 52 cards in a deck, but some games require 54 where jokers are wild. so what is playing with a full deck really mean 52 or 54?


Reality is 52 the majority of the time. Really all the time there are 54. However popular opinion defines the metaphors operating games of chance where those playing run the risk of being discovered making fools of those they get to pay and play with them while those selling the card decks profit from winners and losers alike.


Back to the alphabets to specific languages like English. 26 letters 5 sometimes 6 vowels and 20/21 consonants that make up the entire ever growing vocabulary defining what adds together now differently each added ancestor to ancestry. Why are siblings linked to being one generation from adults conceiving children in one family between parenting and becoming grandparents?


Each lifetime is one of a kind regardless from the same linear progression of DNA and the entire species that reproduce one of a kind lifetimes connected through conception while self containment never stays the same added details twice currently.


5 physical senses working as one consciousness yet mind can only follow one course of action at a time, gee, how many never think of that while programmed responses to anything vernacular must follow linear lines of topic croosed with issues of single character having unlimited options of what if self containment is only a dream and acting like there is no self containment to space and time other than supernatural; forces putting everything together now and each lifetime has no say, but to listen to exp[erts prepare where humanity goes next, institutionally.


Work ethic, what is work? Saving the laws of social justification or adapting to this ever changing moment nothing existing remains the same added details twice functioning the same way withn each addition to one atmosphere universally balancing in the mix of constant markers that never alter positions.


Dawn dusk being end destinations to day and night, Noon and midnight being halfway points of day and night. New moon and full moon intersected by first quarter and last quarter, winter and summer divided by spring and fall as each have their opposite present in the same spin of the planet.This is just the inorganic side. 12 edges of space and time exponentially to what here becomes linear within that exponential.


When these constant expand to their limits, they erode and the contracting forces that added those molecular elements that produced this sphere called Earth converge to produce an expanding organic set of combinations, DNA. From bacteria to protein. Blood to bone with all the tissues in between.


Words get in the way of vision and enlightenment, why? I understand why, but does the majority of humanity want to discover it?


I don't know, but from all evidence I get here, the answer is no way I can be saying anything real. I am delusional. I am lost and need to believe real doesn't exist self contained and accept metaphors of maybe as my guide to following ordered chaos without questioning the authorities reciting such educated stupidity.


Peace for piece of the action.

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First post dealt with language, not let me discuss mathematics made deceptive by desiugn of the educators to educate incomplete directives constantly in the facts separating literal, figurative, and relative truths.


0-9 is 10 digits. 1-10 are 10 digits but comparing 0 - 10 creates 11 topics and 21 issues from 15 points of ancestry educated to think 6 degrees of separation from 8 corners triangulating one half against the other from every angle to lead in any directive other than understanding self containment to now here.

And I am labelled the coward not willing to die for symbolism while everyone else will destroy real saving their projected reality. Atlas shruds, I quit defending self deception and protecting those willing to deceive anyone to get their social status exempt from natural adapt or become extinct equally applied to everything existing currently, as always and seldom recognized by society's children saving humanities...

Compromise with denial, and you join denying. The source to "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."


Come on, where are all you defenders of reality being the greater good?


this is worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. Bet I don't get it and Barack gets a second or Hillary gets one before 2016 for her job dealing with Benghanzi coverup..


Einstein split eternity eternally with trick photography and timelapsed images, I put the pieces back together.

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