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War in my Dreams

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I saw a woman in a combat uniform, at the mall in the food court, at the taco bell stand.

That night I had a dream that I was in a war, and the commander sent a platoon of women to the front line, I was the only guy going with them.

I was not supposed to be with that platoon, the commander screamed at me
"where the hell are you going, get back here now that's an order"

I said to the commander "f)u)c)k you, you coward a)s)s)hole, im going to provide a wall of lead with my 50 caliber browning for cover fire to keep them alive and make sure they come back"

when we entered the city, I was blasting away at everything and everybody I saw until the gun melted, and then I replaced it, and fired until it melted.

Whole area was filled with 50 caliber bullet holes, and 120mm tank holes, I was blasting away at the Congolese, telling the tank loader 'MOVE IT GODDAMNIT, F)UCKIN, LETS GO, YOU'RE TOO SLOW, LOAD THE FUCKIN' GUN, COME ON, WHAT THE F)UCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR" and he was loading the gun at rate of about 1 every two seconds.. lmao

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