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Thank You, Voters.

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| Posted by Kristin Tate

A public policy think tank found that some welfare recipients make more “income” than those in the private sector.

A mother with two children in New York, for instance, is able to collect $38,004 per year in welfare handouts. This is greater than the starting salary of a teacher in the state.

And the problem is not limited to New York. CATO found that many states give handouts with sums greater than what workers earn in the private sector.


According to the study, Hawaii (the state where Obama LOOKED FOR 3-1/2 YEARS IN A 12 X 12 ROOM, AND COU;LDN'T FIND HIS BIRTH CERTIFICATE) is generally the most generous with benefits — there, a mother of two is eligible to earn $60,590 per year.


The study also pointed out the least generous states. A mother of two in Idaho, the state that came in dead last, is only eligible for $11,150 per year.

Perhaps most unsettling is the fact that in 33 states, welfare recipients make more than they would at an $8 per hour job. In fact, in 12 of those states, welfare recipients make more than they would at a $12 per hour job.



Where is the incentive to work?




Obama's "State of the Coup" Speech has Snippet Discovered:


“To ensure equal beginnings for young people just out of high school and just out of college — ’cause that’s what we’re talking about, right? We must eliminate inequality. We must make sure that the starting point is the same for everybody, correct?”

“So my idea to ensure equal beginnings for 20-somethings in the job market, is all teenagers will be required to get high on the drug of their choice,” he quipped. “They will be required to play video games. They will be required to remain jobless during summer breaks. They will not be allowed to do internships at a company — which are really nothing more than indoctrination camps, as are high school and college — if we’re gonna equalize things using the Democrat method.”



Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) on Tuesday slammed President Barack Obama’s plan to sign an executive order increasing the minimum wage for federal contractors to $10.10 an hour, calling the plan a “constitutional violation.”




In this Oct. 15, 2013 file photo, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, walks from House Speaker John Boehner’s office with reporters in pursuit on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo)

Obama is expected to announce the wage increase, the latest example of the White House bypassing Congress to achieve specific goals, at Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

“I think it’s a constitutional violation,” King said during a CNN interview. “We have a minimum wage. Congress has set it. For the president to simply declare ‘I’m going to change this law that Congress has passed,’ is unconstitutional. He’s outside the bounds of his Article II limitations.”

“This threat that the president is going to run the government with an ink pen and executive orders, we’ve never had a president with that level of audacity and that level of contempt for his own oath of office,” King added.


CNN host Chris Cuomo ( an Obama Shill with his Knee-Pads still attached) , interjected to note that former President Bill Clinton signed far more executive orders than Obama, adding “if you want to stay with your line of reasoning, it could be a little bit of a dangerous game.”

“How invested are you in this, representative, because if he really is abusing his constitutional powers, some might say that’s ground for action against the president, maybe even an impeachable offense. Is that what you’re saying?” Cuomo continued.

“You know, I’ve stayed away from that word, although it does come to me on the streets of America consistently, by more and more Americans, of every demographic, party, and racial makeup.” King said.


“I think, that this Congress should lay out the violations that the president has had. And there are many.”

Obama knows better, King added.

“It’s Congress’s job to pass the laws. He knows that. And we need to take our oath seriously and defend the Constitution,” he said.


(And start Impeachment Proceedings....)

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As long as the non-productive can outvote the productive, we're doomed for failure.


Our Dear Leader has done his part... he's increased the number of takers exponentially.


All you can do now is enjoy the collapse.

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