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World Day of Peace

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And yes, I am back. Just couldn't keep away from the political banter. Anyway, let's get started


The Striving for a Peaceful World in a World Filled a With Hate


Firstly, I would like to wish upon all of the world a warm hearted blessing of peace upon you. While the date now might not be the World Day of Peace, the message of peace is never outdated nor can be distinguished. While this age may be the most peaceful ever in the age of humanity, we are experiencing much more hate than ever before. People are hating each other based on who they are more so now than in any other time in human history. This is parallel with us as a species not caring for one another as we go about our daily lives while only caring about ourselves and what we need for our own survival. People today especially in the West, take our lives for granted, while people, even children in Africa are living off less than a dollar a day, have to walk several miles for a drink of water, and having to hunt for food, while avoiding malaria, AIDS and the dangers of the natural world.


Martin Luther King Jr once said "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." While we are seeing progress with eradicating racism, we have not done enough to curb the innate human nature of being afraid of the unknown. This is the basis for inherent racism, in which by geographical location and population spread, there is an inward tendency to hate the minority and label it the unknown. While this nature has been with humanity from the beginning, it reared its ugly head during the start of the slave trade, and continued though the American Civil War. Even though slavery has ended, racism is still here, as seen during the 1960s Civil Rights movement and throughout today.


Along with racist bigotry, there is the frightening aspect of the loss of religious freedom around the world. In Greece, a man was sentenced to ten months for just speaking his thoughts against religion. Although they were mocking, they were no where near the type of prison sentence he received. In fact, he shouldn't have even gotten one to begin with. And in Saudi Arabia where you can get up to 500 lashes per torture session as in a case laser year with a man who was an atheist. You can even received the death penalty for being an atheist. This is unacceptable in today's modern age. By now, we should have gotten the messages from Buddha and Jesus to love each other as your own. Instead, we have been blinded by age old prejudices, rampant nationalism, religious and racial differences.


We as humans were put on this earth to better our race, the planet and the universe as a whole. We have tried with war and hatred, and that had failed. Now is the time to try it with peace. We must first come to terms with each other on an individual scale before we can do it on a global scale. We must first see each other as who we are and think of it as good. We are all humans and we all much treat each other as such.


Though sadly even this is a challenge in today's age. We can see this with the rampant homophobia in countries such as Uganda and even in some parts of the United States. In Uganda, there are wide beliefs that homosexuals must die, because they seem unnatural, when in fact they are just like their fellow countrymen, no matter gay or straight. The newspapers oust gays as animals and even want them hanged. There is a bill just recently passed that calls for jail time for people who are found out to be homosexual. This is among one of the most grievous crimes ever committed so far in the dawn of the 21st century. These people are being jailed for something that they are born with, almost like the slavery of blacks in the High Middle Ages through 1865. As stated before, it is a grave matter when one is jailed or even executed for being who they are as a person. When this takes place, there is not freedom or democracy, but an underlying tyranny that strips the human person of his or her right to life and dignity.


If we are to survive and progress as a species, we must give value to ourselves and give dignity to ourselves. If we do not, we are merely living a meaningless life in a meaningless world. As stated above, we are all human, therefore must love each other as neighbors. Love is the gateway to peace and dignity. St.Paul said if we do not have love, we have nothing. Do not love someone because they are the same, love them because they are different. This is how one can become strong.


In conclusion, let us make peace with the world, ourselves, and each other. If we use war as only a last resort and strive for a dialogue first mentality, then so many more innocent lives will be saved. If we can remember wars of the past, then we can prevent wars in the future. This is the message of peace.

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