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repuke leaders say attack on women's genitals is unfair

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repuke leaders say attack on women's genitals is unfair.


sooooooo, in order to be fair, republicans are going to start attacking

Democratic men who can not control their libidos and will introduce laws

to castrate men, force them to watch sonograms of babies they produced,

and have a cattle prod excite their prostrates, all in an effort to reach out

and change the tone and wording of republicans' religious messages to

secular americans.


Look, I know you neo cons on LF are all excited about having a cattle prod

shoved up your butts, but get a grip on something.

Actually, what repukes are doing is appealing to their rush limberger and paul ryan

and cantor and rand paul and palin and bachmann and coulter moron base.


two months from the election, they will just resort to regular republican campaign


you know the drill.

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