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Truth about the right and NSA spying


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What kills us is finally coming home from the wars only to hear the right attacking Obama for everything after giving Bush and especially Cheney a blank check for so many illegal policies and abuses like rape torture that would have toppled any other administration. Then the right adds insult to injury when they start throwing Constitutional rights around to justify their opposition to Obama. Hate to break it to the right but Obama is just an extension of Bush in different packaging because wall street owns them all through their lobbyists mega buck campaign contributions.


You can try and justify or even rationalize your opposition all you want but Bush and Cheney did indeed kick the door open by giving intelligence and law enforcement agencies the very blank check for domestic operations they were looking for since the so called "war on drugs" back in the eighties. Under Bush even CIA is allowed to operate within Continental United States for the first time ever which has been illegal up until now so putting this on his administration is completely correct.


The public bought into this even when so many of you knew it was wrong so it's on all of you for not stopping the constitutional rights abuses back then as well as now.


The real deal in all this?


Why isn't anyone taking issue with the fact that a corporation will be holding and storing all the secret data NSA gathers??? Many of you are so busy getting government out of your business that you're giving corporate america the same blank check Bush gave law enforcement and intelligence twelve years ago. Do you people ever learn or do you always just keep setting yourselves up and dragging the rest of us down with you??? Guess not so remember the whole picture the next time you attack Obama over whatever trumped up controversy sells the most advertising to whomever is smearing the man.

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