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Time to put a health warning on ObamaCare?

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Warning: Obamacare can be hazardous to your health.


ObamaCare is a giant misery potato: A massive failure you can create 1,000 horrible meals from. The latest: A top hacker revealed you can break into the ObamaCare Web site in mere minutes -- a warning to all who use it.

So, even the security sucks? No surprise. ObamaCare has created more disasters than Irwin Allen -- nobody remembers him.

How ironic that something that should enhance your health puts it at risk. If smoking comes with a warning, why shouldn't ObamaCare?

President Obama doesn't want his son playing football? Well, none of us want our sons on ObamaCare. I bet even Pajama Boy's mom is worried sick over him.

So, faced with this mess, we hear Democrats say this is why we need a single-payer system. Meaning: This is so bad it should only be forced on those who can't say no. It makes the emergency room look like the Ritz-Carlton.

So, while they rail on about income inequality, they'll force 99 percent on the crappy plans while the very rich will fund concierge medicine. Boiled down, when were taken over by big government, only the very rich can afford to opt out.

A communist diplomat never lived life as a communist. He still got all those Western products and the best medicine available, while advocating a system that provides none to the miserable population. It's a system abandoned by countries after decades of suffering, yet our White House sees that as the good old days.



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