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repukes put Americans on welfare and food stamps

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repukes hire illegals to take Americans jobs in construction, maintenance,

services, trucking, warehouses.


repukes and large corporations moved US factories and 20,000,000 good

paying American jobs to asia in a race to the bottom for the lowest wages

and no pollution regulation or safety rules.


So, with no jobs in this country, it is clear that the only conclusion is that

repukes have put Americans on welfare and food stamps and unemployment



And repukes have caused humongous inflation because of their deficit

spending. repuke inflation has caused lowering of the purchasing power

of fixed wages and fixed incomes.


And even fixed incomes like social security, the republican pieces of shit

like paul ryan want to steal that and give it to the repuke puppet masters

on wall street and the rich and oil billionaires.


American workers and even white collar workers, anyone on a wage or

salary and working every day but voting for any repuke is a fugging moron.

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