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ObamaCare Denies Family With Rare Medical Conditions

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Hi Isabel...I knew you would want to reach out to this family...cause ObamaCare won't!


Video shows Obama's war on the family...

Why don't you cite some posts of yours wringing your hands about some family being denied treatment from a pre-Obamacare private insurance company.


You must have HUNDREDS!

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So far, less than a third of those who have been forced to sign up for obmacare were previously uninsured. Tyranny...pure tyranny.

What that simply tells me is that 2/3 already had health insurance and paying for it on their own, I'd like to know how many of the current sign ups are now official government teat suckers.

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Dem party has had blacks "in chains" for decades.. Dems want to keep blacks right were they are in the poor inner city slums. Dems refuse to allow those inner city kids a chance at a better life by allowing them to go to better schools like the white kids. They need to keep them dependant on the government for their votes. Can't break up the union monopoly of teachers who keep them uneducated.

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