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Your problem is you make ideas personal. You bought the idea "I think, therefore I am." That isn't completely accurate unless you deny what real is and make a career out of playing society's child cradle to grave.


You are an ancestor bridging the gap between male and female ancestry in the stages of children, adults, grandparents. Nobody becomes a grandparent not being a parent first, genetically speak and that is a physical absolute that can only be denied believing in hypotheticals something else can do it also.


Adoption isn't ancestry to ancestor. Adoption is social progression that assists other ancestry to continue for the sake of the species remaining within the Eternity of now..

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Learned to understand, then faith doesn't matter what is believed possible as you or anyone that does comprehend self containment at each level of simple compounding combinations will be one with everything outside their skin.


Time doesn't move, it is an intellectual ruler measuring the rate of changes adding currently.

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Mack, you are not personally shunned. But your con hole ideology makes you a target for shunning.


Come clean, and stop pushing hate and division, and people will respect you.

Tell him to conform to real, not everyone else's reality, it will stop the insanity of expecting diifferent results next generation. Every child is edcuated to ignore being self contianed to their genetic makeup.


Think out of the box is a psychological tool to get ancestors to think beyond their skin or this atmosphere. Box in a box of a boxed solar system contained in a boxed galaxy as the momennt here boxes all galaxies the same way. Self balancing currently occupying the space here and objects spaced apart by inception or conception separated by extinction and death using the same content over and over.

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Come clean, and stop pushing hate and division, and people will respect you.

nuckin futz...that you for not shunning me BUT if by pushing hate and division you mean showing the double standard that the left lives by particularly when it comes to racial issues, that I am against abortion, particularly paid for with tax payers $$$...I'd rather be shunned than eat cheese.


Thank you and God (or Nature if you prefer) bless.





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Realize this:


Every action has an opposite reaction.


And the two most divisive points are: race and abortions!


Its like poking a rattlesnake den with a stick.


So why invite abuse? You are too decent a guy for that.


Be like Mack, talk about your everyday life and thoughts, and folks will relate to you with kindness and understanding as ahuman being.

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