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Petition demands Congress wear corporate sponsor logos


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They could have some aid standing behind them (like normal) and keep switching out caps.... Also speeches would sound similiar to this:


"I am all for the AFLCIO, SEIU backed bill to raise salaries for the Unions..... We are also for the Moveon.org Handguncontrol inc tax bill on ammunition.


"The new Telsa car company payout for clean energy at the expense of taxpayers and solyndra pens and tee shirts will be available in the lobby.....Harry will be signing them for the next two hours."



Obama would have golf clubs from Aetna.... United Healthcareballs and a "I heart Iran cap.....

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If someone makes a small donation, he obviously thinks the candidate is

a good one for the country.


If someone or a corporation makes a large campaign contribution, it is a

bribe. repukes need to learn to tell the truth.


repukes are liars and cheats and thieves, sociopaths who think they are

above the law.

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