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I bought me another Assault Weapon just to spite the NYC Mayor

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357 Sig. dam fine weapon.


Sadly, it looks like the .357 Sig is going to find itself in the same kind of situation as the .41 Mag and the 10mm; a good high-performance round designed for law-enforcement use that the average police officer couldn't handle shooting. Most of the LE agencies that adopted it are dropping it, many going to sidearms in 9mm now that the newest generation of 9mm defensive ammo is proving to be much more effective than previously. .357 Sig ammo is expensive and getting harder and harder to find, and eventually it will be the same kind of clique round as the 10mm or the .41; it will have its passionate devotees but will languish in relative obscurity.

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Doesnt Akron have some of the toughest knife laws in the Country.....? Lol

Yes we do. Anything over 2 inches, or knives like my assist open are considered deadly weapons, and being caught with either one is a felony Charge, which is why I do not carry either one on my Person outside my property.

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Here is the one I want. It can spew up to 10,000 round per minute. It is an XM214 Microgun Gatling gun. My only problem is how to pay for a two minute blast of ammunition. It fires the .223 cartridges. The complete Six-Pak system only weighed 85 pounds. Nice little sidearm. You might not be able to out draw anyone but once you start firing you will reduce the target to little pieces.





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