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The modern day welfare state is one of

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the greatest achievement of the 20th century. It lifted millions of people out of poverty and created a bare minimum living standard.....and all thanks to liberals.

The modern day welfare state was ushered in by FDR with the creation of Social Security. Social Security has proved to be the number one single effective program at reducing poverty. Plus, it is much more efficient than any private sector pension program.

The creation of the minimum wage and AFDC guaranteed workers and families with children with a bare minimum standard of living.

When our economy grew richer, we passed Medicare and Medicaid, which has benefits millions of our elderly who helped build our country.

Cons love to rail on the welfare state, but the truth it, it was one of mankind's greatest achievement in the 20th century, all brought upon by liberals and the state.

This is why Cons have a hard time accepting these facts. The idea that liberals or the state could improve the lives of citizens is simply foreign to them. Therefore, they slip into denial, conspiracy theories, or half-baked truths.

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