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White Lib Media's Real Plan For Neutralizing Christie

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The so-called Bridgegate scandal involving Governor Christie is more than a week old and like a rabid dog, the white liberal media refuses to let go of a controversy which claimed no lives and has not turned up a shred of evidence implicating the New Jersey Republican..


But no matter. White lib media liberals will persist in publicizing allegations against Christie--not to drive him out of office. After a week and more of headlines that turned up zero connections, white media libs understand Christie will probably survive the so-called scandal and remain in office.


Instead, white media liberals are hoping to tarnish Governor Christie sufficiently so that once the Republican party seriously considers the field of candidates available for the presidency, the New Jersey Republican will be percieved as damaged goods.


Thanks to the viciousness of the white liberal media, Fat Old Lady Hillary will have had a percieved, dangerous opponent taken out before the game became serious.

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