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Liberals grossly underestimate the value of the world's poor.

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According to the following report the worlds richest 85 have the same wealth as the bottom 3.5 billion.



If you believe this article then you are both highly ignorant and you don't understand basic economics. Sure, if we look at dollars owned by various people then of course the richest people have more dollars then people who don't even value it as currency. Frequently people in "poorer" countries have entirely different economic structures that are not measured well with dollars.... This is a faulty comparison between the wealth represented by inflated and meaningless dollars and the wealth of an agrarian civilization.


Without delving into the deeper economic theories that support my argument, lets keep it simple and consider the following thoughts:


1) If Obama orders the printing of 1 trillion new dollars has he created a trillion dollars of new wealth? According to the logic behind the NBC News article he has.


2) How much food do you think it takes to feed 3.5 billion people? For simplicity lets pretend it is only a dollar a day like some charity commercials advertise..... Well then you could piss away all of Bill Gates 78.2 billion in 22 days. If you standardize the value of the dollar based on what you can do with it in other countries then tell me how much it would cost for you to support multiple livestock and own 50 acres of land? (600 million hectacres/1.1 billion in Africa = about 50 acres).


3) In spite of over a trillion dollars of stimulus (More than most of the billionaires combined) why is the United states still economically outpaced by China? Shouldn't the combined wealth of multiple billionaires be enough to purchase the assets of the bottom 3.5 billion? Shouldn't we own all of China (1.3 billion); India (1.2 billion) and Africa (1.1 billion)?


4) If billions of redistributed dollars would fix this disparity then why has the billions that Obama sent to Africa for infrastructure still allowed this current state of affairs? Does this mean that infrastructure spending doesn't lead to wealth? Perhaps what wealth it adds is not measured well in the sort of analysis NBC is conducting?

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The wealth is distributed thusly:


The HAVES-Bush criminal familty, Wall St. gangsters, drug cartels .

The HAVE MORES-Walton Family, Rothschilds, criminal elite =1%.

The HAVE NOTHINGS and never will have nothing 99%


"Give us your tired, your poor unwashed masses of Joses and Habibs yearning to be free"


NOPE! Slam the gates shut! NO MAS!

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Whether or not this article speaks the truth (I don't believe it does) is largely unimportant, imo. Economic inequality is a non-issue, in America at the very least, because wealth is not a fixed-sum game. What do I care if some rich person is making millions of dollars a year? That doesn't in any way affect my potential to amass wealth of my own. The left, however, seems to believe that someone else's success is somehow harmful to them. Liberal logic, everyone.

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