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should Ed Snowden head the NSA ?

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Ed should run the NSA like I should be appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States since I do understand the part in the preamble of the constitution where all mankind is created equally.


Natural balancing is judgment on where society went wrong creating the theaters of revolt and revolution to change ideologies to repeat the same mistake over and over expecting different results, or planning nothing changes but the stars(leaders of spiritual faiths and political beliefs) leading everybody to no place else but remaining here now all the time with the few misdirecting genetic continuation to rule both space in this atmosphere and the time each ancestor adapts to the moment eternity makes now eternally what is as "IS" taking place individually with hypotheticals alone.


Gee who's the fool?.

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Who do you trust....Swallows , a proven fraud and liar....or anyone else.


Thread created at 6:59AM this morning.


I love it when this dweeb repudiates this forum is not his life. Damn...brush your teeth or take a shower before coming to your life's work, dude.

Oh.,...and btw way, Snowden has a better chance he'll be in jail than to have any official position in the decade to come.

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no kiddingwhat other gov agencies would you like to see gone ?

That's really it. Though I would like to see the FBI and CIA toned down a lot and placed under direct control of the president. As well as decreased military spending and more aid to the poor and for some way for the inequality gap between the rich and poor reduced.

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