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New US strategic partnership office for Pakistan, Afghanistan

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New US strategic partnership office for Pakistan, Afghanistan

Islamabad, Jan 18 (IANS)


US President Barack Obama has ordered the establishment of a temporary office to be known as Afghanistan and Pakistan Strategic Partnership Office (APSPO).


The new office would help promote further security and stabilisation and transitioning to a normal US diplomatic presence in the two countries, the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) reported Saturday.





By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America ...it is hereby ordered as follows:


Section 1. Establishment. There is established within the Department of State ... a temporary organization to be known as the Afghanistan and Pakistan Strategic Partnership Office (APSPO).


Sec. 2. Purpose of the Temporary Organization. The purposes of the APSPO shall be to perform the specific project of supporting executive departments and agencies (agencies) in facilitating a strategic partnership between the U.S. Government and the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan, promoting further security and stabilization,


Sec. 3. Functions ...


Sec. 4. Personnel and Administration. The APSPO shall be headed by a Director appointed by the Secretary. The APSPO shall be based in Washington, D.C., Pakistan, and Afghanistan.




January 17, 2014.





Cheers Mr President!


I've prepared some war on terror strategy notes for the new Director of the APSPO, as follows.


AfPak Mission briefing notes for the Director of the APSPO


The primary challenge to security in Afghanistan is Pakistan. The struggle is primarily with the Pakistani military intelligence service, the ISI, waging a war to oust our forces, using proxy irregular forces of the Pakistani military, call them "insurgents" or "Taliban", but they serve the imperialist generals and former generals of Pakistan who still dictate the military policy of Pakistan, behind the scenes of the window-dressing of an elected but powerless government.


Watch the BBC's "SECRET PAKISTAN" videos which show how the very same Pakistani military, the US gave $10 billion to since 2001, is actually SUPPORTING, RECRUITING, TRAINING, SUPPLYING AND DIRECTING THE TALIBAN.


Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSinK-dVrig


Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5-lSSC9dSE


Additional re: Saudi Arabia


The secondary challenge to US & NATO security in which Afghanistan features, is in the deeper strategic war being waged against us by Al-Qaeda who lured our forces to Afghanistan where they believed they could repeat their success in defeating another super-power some years ago, the Soviet Union, but this time defeating us, the Western super-power led by the US.


Whilst this strategic war is not in the minds of the typical Taliban fighter or their ISI controllers (their simple war aim is merely to oust us from Afghanistan ASAP) the Al-Qaeda plan would be to inflict heavy casualties and dissolve our NATO cohesion first before we are driven out of Afghanistan, a super-power no more.


If Pakistan's secret is revealed now that the Taliban are indeed run by the ISI for the Pakistani military then it follows that the concept of containing or including the Taliban could only be as valid (or as invalid) as the equivalent concept of containing or including the Pakistani military, the masters of the Taliban.


So the investment of US lives and treasure in Afghanistan whilst, yes, increasing the absolute performance of the Afghan military has not done so well in relative terms against the Taliban because the US has, rather foolishly in retrospect, been paying Pakistan billions of dollars in military aid, part of which they have invested in the Taliban and part in more nuclear weapons.


Perhaps most dangerously for our security we have allowed Pakistan to assume they can sponsor terrorists such as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda to attack us yet escape state responsibility for doing so and escape our wider application of the Bush Doctrine to regime-change Pakistan.


We need a new strategy which defeats the Taliban (and Al Qaeda) by applying the Bush Doctrine versus those states which sponsor those terrorists - Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.


Applying the Bush Doctrine versus Afghanistan alone makes as little strategic sense as it would have if we'd applied Cold War doctrine to say Cuba alone but not against the Soviet Union and its Eastern European client communists states!


It is a military fundamental that you don't win a war by funding your enemy but rather you win a war by bankrupting your enemy, cutting off the resources the enemy needs to sustain its army.


We should apply massive pressure to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, up to and including war if necessary. Something fairly dramatic is needed to show the state sponsors of terrorism that their plan for a secret war against us with no chance of any blow-back has utterly failed and they are looking down the barrel of a real war with us.


AfPak Mission Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/AfpakMission

Forum http://scot.tk/forum/viewforum.php?f=26

Twitter http://twitter.com/AfPakMission

Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/afpakmission/

Blog http://afpakmission.wordpress.com/

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