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Greek Fascists Get Man Arrested for Blasphemy

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Interesting recently the Greek Fascist party managed to get a man arrested for comedic blasphemy.




I have never really been a Christian, so I find it strange how Christians react to blasphemy. I sort of understand Muslims. They are extremists and behave radically, but from western Christians its harder to comprehend. I have trouble taking them seriously.


This map shows lands where blasphemy is punishable to varying degrees:



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Religion is all based on assumption and linguistic connivery. I see it as being mostly linguistic. Its justifications are entirely linguistic-masturbation without evidence. I suppose that might be why they dislike blasphemy, as it is the blatant use of language to defy a religion's linguistic-masturbation, in many cases without argument against the religion, but merely making fun of it. The leaving behind of logic merely to take a jibe at a religion is to meet a religion on its own terms, without logic or reason, merely refuting them, because you dislike them.

I was wondering what it was like to be a religious person who could not tolerate outside language to the extent that they felt a need to persecute the person using outside language.

Then there is another issue, that religious people are drama-queens and take personal offence at language directed against them, as if you had insulted their own mother. I find it strange to take personal insult. If I really believe in evolution, I dont personally take insult against myself if you say anything bad against it.


This makes me think that religion has something to do with the "self", by that I mean supression of the self. It supresses the self, so that any "blasphemy" against it stirs up personal feelings.

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