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clinton killing women and children while at church..burned them

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Besides the 40+ murders on his watch and exploding ordinance in more countries in peacetime than ANY other president, Waco is all you've got?


Clinton has a really great legacy. Nothing creepy here. Well, the 'little' blue dress in a full frontal pic was a bit icky.


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torture started with clinton...torture of american citizens..damn the clinton name...


Say what??? Boy do you have the wrong horse.


All that was highly illegal until Cheney stepped in and it was well reported back in 2002-3 how Bush was "shopping" for a lawyer who could successfully argue torture as a viable weapon in the war against terrorism. You may want to very seriously consider googling this one Champ.


It's amazing how major events become lost in public memory and even worse how the press spins their lies and the truth becomes lost.

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