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Is anyone allowed in the "Liberals Only" room?

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Why would you want to? It is a circle jerk for them to make each other feel better and pass off stupid ideas without being challenged. Challenge them and you will be banished forever.

then don't challenge them to trading theories and theologies, just post something they can deny by distraction, distortion, and disruption that shows they are continuing to deny self containment within the same plan etary atmosphere.


works every time spaced apart by every post. Specific gravity is specific in making details exactly what appears now randomly and specific to that event regardless how it becomes interpreted several ways and means to meaning anything but now becoming completely understood by every body here or not viewing this website.


Saturated self containment doesn't have physical room for nothing at all to exist currently contracting results into expanding details all the time....

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""Is anyone allowed in the "Liberals Only" room?""




only lying backpedaling libloons who cant stand having the truth stuffed in their fat face


its the only place they are safe... well besides their mothers closet...




Seems to me we get all walks of life here... No Holds Barred!!!

you arent too bright are you...


they werent talking about this forum, I realize you libloons are slow... but please try to catch up before you post...


the LO (losers only) forum sounds like your kind of place...

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