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repukes raise specter of benghazi against hillary, agggggain

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based on the release of some heretofore secret documents from the

military, the repukes raise the specter of benghazi against hillary, agggggain.


The stupid military generals whine that they were too far away to act to help.


Wellllllll, duh, Marines are put in place BEFORE there is trouble,

not AFTERwards.


But repukicons were too busy stealing trillions of our tax dollars in their

bush-repuke war in afghanistan to care about funding Marine security for

Ambassador Stevens.

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well, you have to expect it. the libs are screaming bridgegate, the cons are screaming benghazi. both are equally a matter of distraction.

looks like republicans can not be trusted with bridges nor with national security

nor with taking responsibility for their failures.

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