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UK and EU


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The UK wants out of the EU Anyway.

The UK cannot be forced out of the EU without a war that the UK is too well equipped for Europe to try to start.


Two carriers

1 Amphibious Assault Ship

6 Guided missile destroyers that launches tomahawk cruise missiles, SM1, 2 and 3 missiles, and Harpoon Missiles.

Upwards of fourteen Duke Class heavy anti ship frigates.

Nuclear powered submarines.



Apache helicopters, the absolute best attack helicopters, the world has ever known since the beginning of Helicopter aviation.

Tornados, Typhoons, and F35


Many British weapons have made it into the American Arsenal even recently.


The UK also has Europe's only tracked APC, only 2 others exist, those are in UN code violating Russia, and in Israel.


That's how well protected a tracked APC is.


It has no worthy adversary, just like the tanks they are built from.



No way is the UK going to be forced out of the EU, given the severe limitations the EU puts on the militarization of EU countries besides the UK.


The EU also don't make good enough products for the UK to choose them to trade with, over America.


Have a nice day.

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