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Who Died and Created a Plutocracy

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I was listening to the old Stones song today, you know the one, Sympathy For the Devil, where the lyrics go... just as all the cops are criminals, and all the sinners saints...

Well I wonder, who died and made this a plutocracy?

What is it, the world ended once capitalism and so-called democracy was whatever we thought it once might be.

All the problems have been defined, thus all the answers have been as well.

Didn't Adam Smith worry about Oligarchs, and power centralized in the hands of the few. Wasn't this his whole the point, as well the views of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels,

wasn't it about finding a way to grow a larger self sustainable middle class, perhaps the only economic structure that would indeed produce a true and lasting real democracy?

But these days all I hear, and by that all I intone from what people say, especially on this site "no holds barred", is that we do live in a plutocracy.

I know the posters eschew something different, they call it Liberty, freedom to live their lives as they see fit, but none of them actually speak in earnest.

Really I mean, they just don't. They seem, many of them goaded by racist remarks, and nonsensical posts, to be very much unaware of their own future.

They've been railroaded into believing in supply side economic theory which has again and again to be proven false.


Not all conservatives are foolish, I would never lump such a term or a group into one camp. The big C word, is not a hastily retort, Conservative Losers, or ... Conservative fudge packers, or hetero white Nazi want to be males.


Why today, you can create a company and build a fortune going public, while never making a profit. Big money rules the roost in a lot of ways, corporations are real people given the rights of free speech, an even more.


Sadly, the so-called libertarians worry more about their own government controlling them than they do about people who control their own government.

It's perfectly okay to protest policy, if a law is wrong one should consider it their duty to do as much.

But clearly, people are incredibly misinformed here in this land of milk and honey. And it is by no accident.



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engles was a wealthy elitist and marx an embittered angry jew. engles basically used marx's embittered anger to

give his con-job philosophy, designed to sway the ignorant masses into voluntarily giving up all property or even

motivation of wanting to own property, a sense of passion. so yes...communism is the tool of the plutocracy.

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