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Why did the USA have to have slavery, and import Africans from British and Dutch Slave Traders ?


This paved the way for the Civil war to happen, which paved the way for segregation, which paved the way the 1960s, which paved the way for the way the USA is today.



Why couldn't the titanic take a southerly route, as recommended ?


The Titanic could have been one of the few successful ships of that production line.



Why couldn't we treat women equally ?


Not treating women equally, has helped to create feminism, which is extremely divisive, and caused the gender role hardships today



Why did the Germans and Japanese and Italians have to start world 2 ?


This was really the beginning of the end of the world as we knew it.

World War 2, also had very bad consequences.


The Cold War

The Divide between North Korea and South Korea

A communist Vietnam

A communist Cuba

A communist China

An apartheid South Africa that is now a dump along with the rest of Africa

A Jewish State of Israel that is Unstable, and Reliant on American foreign Aid and military aid, AND it causes an Unstable middle east.


The existence of Neo Nazi Skinheads too



Why did the Japanese have to attack pearl harbor ?


Attacking pearl harbor and Australia, has seen japan unable to advance its empire, which left the Japanese unable to influence Asia, which left Southern Asia the third world dump that it is, not to mention, that it created an Americanized japan, as opposed to its original industrialization that was BRITISH.


And also left the world short of an entire world power to have on its team, Japan.

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