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An Article on the General Welfare clause in the Constitution.

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The link: http://www.reasontofreedom.com/general_welfare_clause.html


A snipet from the article:



The author of this article has split the "Taxing and Spending Clause" into two parts instead of treating it as one, as some people do, taking no issue per se with the power to spend. Separate treatment is being given in this series to the troubling items within the larger clause, spending for the "general welfare," and "taxing."


This article has a Libertarian take on the meaning of "general welfare." Some grounds for this interpretation can be found in history, but the argument boils down to the danger to liberty in government actions intended to help people through redistribution and projects that the private sector could very well accomplish.

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liberals just want to ruin us thats why they do it.

All of these Federal welfare Programs should be turned over to the states. I feel if a State wants to enact social welfare programs for their residents, they should be allowed to do so, but said state should be solely responsible for the funding of said programs. States that do not want the social programs should be able to opt out of having them. Social Welfare Programs should be the sole responsibility of the States not the Federal Government.

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