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Even Mass. Won't Pay

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ObamaCare just keeps sucking!




"Massachusetts -- whose government was one of the staunchest supporters of ObamaCare, and whose health plan arguably was the model for the law -- is refusing to pay any more until a working website is delivered."




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"Eight Ways to Opt-Out of ObamaCare"



"With the deadline to sign up for Obamacare having come and gone, many Americans have decided to “opt out” of President Obama’s signature health care reform law, choosing instead to pay the $95 penalty for sidestepping the individual mandate."




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I live in Mass. Romneycare was called Romneycare because he signed the bill. Mass is an overwhelmingly one party state. The dems were going to implement a mandatory healthcare bill that was worse than oblameocare. Romney threatened to veto. Dems had to negotiate. The result was Romneycare. I am retired on Medicare with BC/BS as a backup. I live in a small town in central Mass. No industry in the town. Very few jobs. Most of the people I know that work are small contractors for home improvements. The barter system is big time here. None of these contractors have a healthcare plan. They all pay the fine. No matter what you hear about Romneycare, the fact of the matter is Romneycare costs the state money. Medicaid, Masshealth and subsidies cause the state to have to make up the costs with taxes. Oblameocare is a gigantic expansion of Romneycare. Estimates of what it is going to cost are constantly going up. 1 trillion over the next ten years is a lowball figure. YOU are going to pay not only in increased premiums but increased taxes.

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