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moron joe scar and repukes whine about medicare and soc. sec.

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moron joe scar and repukes whine about medicare and soc. sec.and want to cut

those programs while giving the rich tax cuts and not requiring them to pay

according to the same tax rate schedules as working men and women.


repukes fail and refuse to impose import taxes on crap from china to grow our

manufacturing and keep dollars here which also creates new jobs on main street

as President Washington did.


repukes fail and refuse to end their fraudulent bush wars and welfare to the MI

complex as President Eisenhower warned about.


repukes fail and refuse to end welfare subsiidies they use to bribe farmers and

rednecks and oil billionaires and religious aholes.

republican voters are a bunch of welfare queens.

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william in case you haven't noticed the DEMS control the Senate. The DEMS can end the wars, farm subsidies, and welfare any time they are ready.

republicans created the welfare queens. They should end the bribes for votes.

And even if dems tried to end the repuke welfare subsiides by senate action, as usual,

repukes in the house would block any further action.

Get real.


What is MI complex?

The military industrial complex that produces military crap like worthless aircraft,

plus the oil companies selling oil to fuel planes, tanks, humvees, ships, etc.,

plus muilitary contractrors like halliburton and blackwater, all of whom are ripping

off taxpayers of trillions of dollars and running up the national debt. Duhhh,.

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