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So where you from and whats the weather like?

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just started building decks again. it's killing me, dude. my 44 year old ass out carrying 2 tons of treated lumber a day just ain't me anymore. lol

Quit the juice, eat right and get into the gym and work out, and you will feel 30 years younger!


I was physically finished at your age, after too much Smirnoff, coke, and working outdoors in the hot sun.


But I bounced back at 55, and got stronger than ever by working out. Then I threw the discs out pushing my truck, and I'm ruined again.


Most every man in his 40's experiences a big downturn, but you need to adapt to it. Your not a young buck anymore, dude.

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you have a head thats never had a brain in it..

See this is a perfect example of Libtardation. here we have a normal thread, no politics involved, and yet this Libtard can not help himself. He has a Compulsion that causes him to be nasty with political opponents even when talking about the weather. Classic Example of Libtardation. I am lobbying the APA to Amend the DSM to include Libtardation as a Mental Illness. Mild Cases of Libtardation are treatable with truth and facts if caught early enough, unfortunately in advance cases such as fishhead's it is untreatable and Terminal. FishHead will die from his Libtardation.

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I'm in central California. 32 degrees right now, but will be 59 degrees later today. Actually it is warm for this time of year in these parts.

I knew you lived in sacoftomatoes


will you be campaigning with cindy sheehan ?


it is very weatherly here, it gets colder at night but warmer during the day


how strange


must be man caused, its not the womens fault


you know Jahi McMath ?


do you think the tax payers should pay for her life support after 2 judges and 2 dr's say she is brain dead and should be taken off ?


or those loser protesters looking for a handout ?


they could all chip in and pay for it....


how much did you donate ?

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^_^At 63, you are an angry, old, white man! Goppers delight!


With a bit of a retrofit, you can turn that unused fireplace into a crematorium!

cant you tell the difference between a temperature and an age ?


you have just qualified as a grade c loser libloon



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