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Catching the Obamacare lies

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"I knew this story would be bullshit because it's currently fashionable to pretend you're getting
screwed by Obamacare, so I went looking for an obvious paragraph that would demonstrate
what a liar the writer is and I found it:

My firm recently received our renewal package for next year's health insurance plan.
It read: "Your current coverage is no longer being offered, but we've provided you with a great
alternative" that translates into $1,676 in added costs per year for everyone covered on our plan.

The response to our plight is that we are getting much better coverage. But that isn't true, either.
We provide our employees with a generous plan with 100% coverage for in-network preventative
care and low out of pocket maximums. Conversely, our new "great alternative" plan offers
comparable benefits with much higher out of pocket maximums..


Thank God I only used two paragraphs or we'd be counting the lies all day.

First, your insurance company has been screwing you for decades and Obama put a stop to their
crimes and that's why they raised your rates. One other fact you might've included is how many
tens of millions of dollars the crooked CEO of your old plan was making each year. The more he
screwed you, the higher his paycheck got and damn, that's pretty f-ing high.

You claim your old plan provided 100% coverage for in-network preventative care and low
out-of-pocket maximums.
Look how she had to twist those words to make it sound good.
She's bragging about preventative care - which counts, but that's not covering everything 100%.
She failed to mention what the coverage percent is for non-preventative expenses, the BIG ones.
(A check-up costs $75, minor surgery costs $18,000.)

She also bragged how the 100% was for "in-network" expenses.
That works great until you need an out-of-network doctor.

Sidebar: With medical costs going up like crazy, year after year, employers are always hopping
from one insurer to another so your doctor is in-network THIS year, but not the year before that
and not next year. On top of that. greedy health-banksters are always buying and selling smaller
companies so that in-network thing changes more often than Romney's position on abortion.

That means all her bragging about the 100% for in-network isn't worth a warm bucket of spit.

She also failed to recognize the fact that once you get a serious disease, her current plan finds
a way to cancel your coverage and sell you a new plan that doesn't cover "existing conditions."

Under Obamacare they can't do that.
Bottom line, with Obamacare you have a guarantee and without it, you're at the mercy of that
greedy bastard who's making $35M a year by screwing YOU out of your money.

Remember, under the old plan, the adjuster who denied the most legit claims every month
got to take his hooker girlfriend to Hawaii and some of those bastards went 6 times a year!

Back to the liar - and what did the new, you-can't-screw-me plan cost you?
An extra $140 a month, which IS significant, but it's the Deal of the Century compared
to losing your savings and your home and your credit because you had to visit a hospital.

As always, if they had to lie to make their point, isn't that proof they had no point?

The biggest lie is telling us how GREAT the old system was. The old system was the
worst of any developed country on Earth and Obama saved us from that.

One last thing - that picture they used?
That's not an "investment banker" - that's Peter Eastgate, just after he won $9M
in the World Series of Poker in 2008 - they even lied about the photo, the bastards."



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