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Trust Me...It Won't Be Fun

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"Hillary Clinton may affect campaigns far ahead of 2016"


Here's a hint...the left is making excuses in advance for Hillary...


"It could also help her decide whether she still has enough fun doing it to run for the presidency again."


Fun? Is the left saying this is all just fun for what's-her-name? "Trust Me...It Won't Be Fun" for Hillary.


In 2014/2016 Hillary will be the tip of the iceberg for "All that is Wrong" with the left.

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BY 2016 the country will have been well marinated in the consequences of ObamaCare... Then Hillary can explain her Unniversal Healthcare scheme she proposed as First Lady.... an initiative which was defeated in the Senate by the razor-narrow margin of 97--O

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Hillary will straighten it all out

Existentialism always has straightened out exponential migration of inverse proportions of how and why now is eternity along reality's make believe time lines of divide and conquer ancestry selling ancestors moral fables about denial being virtuous in saving symbolism over substance and m ind the vocabulary because a gendered body doesn't matter in intellectual discussions over what if now isn't eternity.


When fighting corrupted absolute power of choice, you need to know where the center of educated decisions always exists presently, regardless time, space, and ancestors living currently.


rule 1. simplicity is the hardest thing to comprehend when denying it, rules all realities forever, or until every body of the species perpetuating denial becomes extinct, or stops denying now is eternity, eternally.


Rule 2. Natural balancing is a tyrant that never quits keeping everything self contained, so what is freedom from when "being"(verb) part of eternity combining into eternal details never duplicated now?


Merry Christmas and the birth of an old instinctive understanding of real.


Might take till Easter to sink into your reality, regardless the belief now isn't eternity all the time in this atmosphere and the universe around it..

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