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Why ObamalamadingdongCare Ultimately Failed

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Whangdoodle Barry's neo-Marxist health care ponzi scheme is a miserable failure. Everybody knows it. But who or what is responsible for its demise?


The Republicans? Those knuckleheads were too busy castigating the Tea Party.


Rush Limbaugh and conservative radio? Rush is highly influential but lacks political power.


Lack of money? Are you kidding?


Senator Ted Cruz? One guy couldn't do it alone--too many liberal enemies


Lousy web developers? Half a billion dollars should've bought the best in the business.


Barry's White House college professahs who never held a private sector job? Close.


No, ObamalamadingdongCare ultimately failed because Whangdoodle Barry was everything Republican conservatives said he was: An inexperienced, lazyass boob who never accomplished anything important beyond reading from a teleprompter.

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