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Failed so. Sudan "rescue" mission. Who is irresponsible?

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Several dozen Americans trapped in a UN refugee camp in

the South Sudan with a bunch of crazy, murderous, filthy blacks all



The USAF or USArmy or some butt faced generals send in some

helicopters and planes but FAIL to send in combat planes like the

Warthog or A-6 ground attack Navy aircraft. The mission to pull

out the Americans Failed.


Soooo, who is irresponsible for the latest blackhawk down

clusterfugg? And why havern't high ranking military officers

been canned for their incompetent so. Sudan "rescue" mission?


Do the Seals and Marines have to do everything for the god damned

military? What about armored personnel carriers to take out the

Americans and to bring in aid supplies?

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Actually, some of the best ground attack aircraft are

old WWII Mustangs or other prop planes which are

slower and cheaper to protect slow moving convoys.


But you can not cram any common sense into the

stupid, politician butt kissing generals run by the

military industrialists with the latest military junk to peddle.

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