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Great Economic Piece from the NYT


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Caught this from a link provided by Dean Baker on the blog beat the press. It's well worth the read and not too long.



The other day I heard about the out of state cost for tuition at the University of Michigan. Are you ready, it's 55 thousand per year. But it's not just U of M that's over-priced. It's most decent 4 years schools. I and I'm sure a lot of you know of recent graduates who work for minimum wage or just slightly higher because they can't find a job related to the degree they just gotten. Many are straddled with significant debt too.


It's not the new global economy that's to blame, it's how our government works against us, the average worker. I remember the days when someone with nothing more than a high school diploma could make it into the middle class. Those days are long gone. For the most part it didn't have to be that way.


Anyway, great article.



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