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The Reality of Obamacare

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This nails it. What lib will read it and admit its truth?


If you have a taste for Schadenfreude (and who doesnt, especially in this holiday season?), youll enjoy Anemona Hartocolliss article in the New York Times of December 14. Heres the opening paragraph:


Many in New Yorks professional and cultural elite have long supported President Obamas health care plan. But now, to their surprise, thousands of writers, opera singers, music teachers, photographers, doctors, lawyers and others are learning that their health insurance plans are being canceled and they may have to pay more to get comparable coverage, if they can find it.


The article goes on to detail the Obamacare-induced travails of members of New Yorks creative classes (a phrase the Times fails to put in quotation marks) and concludes:


We are the Obama people, said Camille Sweeney, a New York writer and member of the Authors Guild. Her insurance is being canceled, and she is dismayed that neither her pediatrician nor her general practitioner appears to be on the exchange plans. What to do has become a hot topic on Facebook and at dinner parties frequented by her fellow writers and artists.


Im for it, she said. But what is the reality of it?


Ms. Sweeneys statement-and-question says it all. Its the voice of liberalism in the age of Obama. Shes for Obamacare, but didnt know what it was. Now, Ms. Sweeney realizes (sort of) that shes been mugged by reality. But shes not quite ready to come to grips with reality. Shes not quite ready to press charges against Obama, or against liberalism.


But at least shes asking a reality-based question.


In 2014, its the job of conservatism, and of the Republican party, to answer Ms. Sweeneys question. Its the job of conservatives and Republicans to explain the reality of Obamacarethat its bad for health care, bad for jobs, and bad for freedom. Its the job of conservatives and Republicans to offer escapes from Obamacare, to the extent possible (see the piece by Jeffrey H. Anderson and Spencer Cowan in this issue). Its the job of conservatives and Republicans to set forth workable alternatives to Obamacare for the future, as Paul Ryan and others intend to do early in the new year.


And its the job of conservatives and Republicans to press charges. Its their job to make the case against Obamacare on the broadest possible terms, as an exampleas the exampleof unintended-consequences-producing, rule-of-law-undermining, freedom-denying, big-government, liberal social-engineering. Obamacare embodies liberalisms fatal conceit. Its the job of conservatives and Republicans to make it liberalisms fatal overreach.


So, to answer Ms. Sweeneys question: The reality of it is that Obamacare is a disaster. And its a disaster because, as Margaret Thatcher put it, The facts of life are conservative.


If conservatives and Republicans can explain the facts of life in a language intelligible to contemporary Americans, the year 2014 could be an inflection point in the saga of modern American liberalism, modern American conservatism, and modern American politics. It could be a moment of genuine hope and positive change. Perhaps, to adapt a rhetorical flourish, generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when the rise of the nanny state began to slow and our nation began to heal. It could be the moment when we regain our footing and find our way back to the always difficult but ultimately rewarding path of individual liberty, honorable self-government, and national greatness.



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Great article.


But most of the left won't listen even as their insurance is canceled or rates go up as a result of Obamacare.


Because leftism is a religion.


And Obama is a prophet ... if not their God.

It is most evil to purposely mislead and manipulate the vulnerable. But that is exactly what Obama does everyday.


What's really tough is that they can't really afford to see him as he is, then all hope would be completely lost.


They need him to not be a fraud who used and abused them. But, he is.

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