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"Excuse me officer, it seems you took a wrong turn

Now youre in my world, watchin Babylon burn


We don't need no water, pass my team some gasoline

And let the muthabanned worda burn, I dont care I have a dream


And in this dream dirty cops get popped and locked in prison

And there's a hollow tip in every corrupt politician

Heres a proposition, up the ante, stakes is high

Pray to god for revolution and I aint afraid to die


Coz' people shouldn't fear their government, that's the issue


The Government should fear the People's Right to pack a pistol

See its our right to start a riot around here

And publicly decapitate the King, right in town square"


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"After the mob scene lost steam,

And after we spilled pig's blood on the prom queen.

I've been told with old age comes wisdom,

But I've found with old age comes old age.

We're stuck in our old ways like everything was done much better

in some forgotten era. Thumb sucking America.

I can't begin to name the ways I'd pin the blame

on an administration acting inhumane.

If it's killing season let's start within.

When the hunter becomes the hunted they outlaw hunting (ain't that something.)

Confiscate the ammunition!

Cuz there's a wolf in sheep's skin. A pit bull with lipstick.

A pig in a blanket. Some lame duck President

privatizing profit and socializing debt.

Collapsed credit. Journalists get arrested.

Watch the Blackwater operatives go domestic.

Oh, that's a problem? Well don't agonize.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em. A whole pack of lies.

Summer spring and autumn. Now bring the wintertime.

I don't protest snow. I shovel it with picket signs."


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