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Gay Marriage, Polygamy is next.........

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I am not one to judge.. people can live their lives as they wish in this country


Freedom of sexual preference is included in the package.




Don't totally disagree with that, but I get tired of it being an ongoing ram it down others throat agenda. If I own a bakery and I choose not to bake you a cake for whatever reason, it isn't a federal court case.

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25 years ago who would have thought a man would or could marry a man. I agree that polygamy is next. Why not. 50 years from now you will be able to marry your sister. Of course the lib loons will chime right in and say that will never happen. It will happen. Who are you to judge? Live and let live. It's their choice. It's fair. Why do you discriminate on brother sister marriage. All these will be reasons to justify incest. Want more? Taxes discriminate against incest. Healthplans discriminate against incest. If a brother and sister want to marry who are we to stop them. I am not joking, this is what you will hear. Today it was on the news a guy who married a guy has moved into another state and now is going to marry a woman. Who am I to question that. There will be some who want to marry sheep. Who am I to say no. Welcome to america. I will be taking the long dirt nap in a few years so I will miss all of the fun, but it is getting weirder by the day.

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This whole marriage equality movement wouldn't even be a thing if government weren't in the marriage business in the first place.


Yes polygamy should be legal so should gay marriage or dog marriage or whatever. It shouldn't matter because government should not be filling out benefits (see: giving away other people's money) based on your marital status.



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polygamy doesn't really bother me. at least it has a biblical foundation for the marriage definition. marriage is a religious matter, no

matter how the libs try to cry it's not. homosexuality is forbidden in the monotheist religions. maybe the f@gs can find a greek pagan

ceremony to be married under. but as far as the feds telling anyone anything? they can f**k off. that has been what has went a long way in destroying marriage and the family in the 1st place. the government corrupts all it touches. marriage is no exception.

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