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What keeps them here ?


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What exactly keeps the n!ggers here ?


We don't like them, we don't want them here, we don't hire them, the only reason why they go to public school is because of the law...


We don't educate them as well as we educate White people, They get near double the penalties for ANYTHING illegal....


What the f*ck keeps them here ?



Do they honestly believe, that we're going to adopt African ways of life sometime in the future, which flys in the face of technological improvement that will never end? or are they just fckin' dumb and don't know how to travel ?



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They are citizens so they have the same rights as any other citizens. They are afflicted with poor leadership. These leaders have their own monetary interests at mind. They only care for their own lifestyles. Blacks are bombarded with the lie that they are victims. Their leaders do this on a daily basis. The dems want the votes of the blacks. They do everything they can to keep them on the dole. They promise them more benefits. Life on the dole is not good. People on the dole get bare sustenance and that is going to be cut back as the country is running out of money. They believe in Obama because he is the first black president. Obama is making life worse for them. As energy prices rise it hurts the people with the least amount of money. As food prices rise it hurts blacks. As he fights against charter schools (which the blacks want) their education declines. Obamacare has already made more doctors drop medicaid, and led to more part time jobs. They have been told that they will get healthcare with ACA. Even though they may get subsidies to pay for a portion of it they are in for a big surprise on what they will pay. Obama pushes for minimum wage increases. This drives prices higher and leads to less entry level jobs. At some point blacks are going to wake up to what has really happened to them and they will stop supporting the Dems. The dems kept them down for a century after the civil war ended and they are keeping them down today with their endless welfare and aid schemes. The way out for the blacks is education and employment, neither of which the dems are going to give them.

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