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Problems in America


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Problems in America

Progressives, Liberals, Atheists, Socialists and Democrats attack Conservative Christians with words like racist, homophobic, etc. but will not discuss the real problems.

Problem with Blacks

Blacks have a 73% illegitimacy rate that is instant poverty that requires massive health care and welfare (Socialism) and is leading to Generational Poverty that is growing and requiring ever increasing spending for health care and welfare.

Problem with Homosexuals

Homosexuality is a diseased lifestyle that is killing over 1.7 million people per year due to AIDS and which is producing a resurgence of TB.

Problem with Jews

Jews in America hate that America is a Protestant Christian Nation and do everything they can to force America to be called a Secular Nation. Jews in America hate Christians.

Problem with the ACLU

The ACLU is mostly a Jewish organization that uses the legal system to force homosexuality, adultery and drugs on the American People because the Jews hate Christians.

Problems with Democrats

The problem with Democrats is that the Democratic Party gives political power (control of the military, the judicial system, the educational system, etc.) to the Blacks, Homosexuals and Jews.

Problems with the Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry

The Unholy Alliance

There is an Unholy Alliance that is a cancer in America.

There is a question as to whether the Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry is the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party or the Democratic Party is the political wing of the Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry.

The Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry makes big money from pornography, and the Democrats make sure the pornography is legal. The Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry makes political contributions to the Democrats to make sure the pornography stays legal. News is not a profitable industry so the pornography is used to fund the news activities.

The Democratic Party makes big money by managing the health care/welfare programs of the Poverty Plantation that is produced by the homosexuality, adultery and drugs advocated and encouraged by the Atheistic Liberal News and Entertainment Industry.

When compared to perfection, Republicans did not look good, but when compared to democrats, Republicans look brilliant. Without the propaganda support of the Atheistic Liberal News Media the democrats would look ridiculous.


To those that are the problem, I could offer the South Park solution "kill yourself", but rather I would offer the following solution.

Accept America as a Protestant Christian Nation that is tolerant of other religions or go back to a place where the thinking is consistent with your own. The concept of don't ask, don't tell and don't cause trouble is very appropriate for those that do not agree with the Protestant Christian Nation concept of America.

Christians must get back into politics or the problems of America will eliminate Christianity, which will then lead to the destruction of America. Many Christians cannot accept the concept of the "lesser of two evils" so the refused to vote for Romney which meant the Atheist Obama won the election. I wish someone would explain how that honored God.

Politics is an ugly area , but then that is why Christians must get back into politics.

The first act of disobedience by Churches should be to publically state that the Church is not going to follow the executive order of Lyndon Baines Johnson (a Democrat) that limits/forbids Church involvement in politics.

Far better for the Church to give up tax exemption than for the Church to lose its soul.

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Fallopian, about the same time as racist rev. wright's racist black church starts up the choir led by barry, manchelle, al sharpton, eric holder and the black panthers. That's when.

So you guys have something in common then. Why not have a get-together and and have lunch? :D

The problem here is people like you who don't accept others who aren't like yourself.

I assume you are talking about the original poster.

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beasty you seem clueless. there is no global warming. there is natural (not man made) climate change. the liberals are evil. they want to take from those that have and give to those who don't have. that is the most evil thing that can ever occur. I work hard, I am wealthy, I hate paying taxes. I don't care if there are millions of American children starving every day. As long as my family is doing well, I don't care about others.


Evil is govt regulation, taxation, redistribution of wealth. Those are ALL liberal ideas.

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But liberalism isn't evil. The evils of this world are bullying and global warming.


What are the other commadments/doctines from Satan's perversion of the Bible?


Thou shalt not bully


Thou shalt not warm the globe.


How long have you been a follower of Satan?

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Dec. 18, 2013

A $2.8 million fraud by Florida welfare recipients was busted in a two-year sting by authorities that is expected to bring more than 60 arrests, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said on Tuesday.

"We aren't going to bark a lot, but we are going to bite and bite hard," Sheriff Ric Bradshaw told local television station WPTV.

"I'm going to bite them in the butt as far as I can and take everything that we got from them to teach them a lesson that this is not going to be tolerated."

Sixty-one arrest warrants were issued on Monday, with 21 people arrested so far and facing federal charges, Bradshaw said.

The sting — called "Operation Money Tree" — started after a grandmother called authorities when she learned that the father of her granddaughter traded his electronic food stamp card for money instead of buying groceries for her granddaughter, authorities said.

The cards were allegedly traded at a small grocery store in Palm Springs, authorities told WPTV.

The clerks at the store, however, would give the suspects cash and keep half the profits for themselves.

For instance, if a suspect sought $100, the clerk would charge $150 to the card — handing the cash over the suspect, authorities said.

In March, Florida welfare officials announced a crackdown on fraud in the state, which cost taxpayers $1.35 billion last year, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

The effort partnered the Florida Department of Children and Families with LexisNexis to use an identity-authentication process similar to what banks and other financial institutions employ.

The agency processes most of the applications for those seeking food stamps, cash to needy families, and Medicaid benefits.

The technology by the data-services company requires welfare recipients to answer personal questions that identity thieves would not be able to answer, the Sentinel reports.

The change was expected to save $60 million a year, the report says. About 90 percent of the state's welfare recipients complete their benefit applications online.

"Florida ranks No. 1 in the nation for identity theft, and for far too long criminals have been gaming our systems and stealing from taxpayers and Floridians who are truly in need," DCF Secretary David Wilkins told the Sentinel when the program was announced in March.

"Implementing technology that has been successfully used in the private sector will allow us to catch more of these cheats on the front end."

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