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And now with great personal and public humility I now resign my post


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Imagine you were Jang Song Thaek.

If you're like me you'd hope for a different outcome.

You quickly run away from the police and marshal a big gun.

You grab control of a nearby nuclear warhead and squawk, nobody move or everybody gets it. Then you hear,


"Jang Song, step away from the nuclear warhead, we have the Grand People's Study House surrounded, give up, there's no hope".

Attaca, Attaca you shout rebelliously. Then the phone rings, ring ring, ring ring. It's him, your lover whom you promised you'd find a way to pay for his sex change operation.

In the background you can hear your nephew Kim Jung Un telling him exactly what to say.

You say, I want to go to Wyoming.

"Jang Song, you know this is not possible, we don't have missiles that will travel that distance."

No, I just want a bus, to take me to the airport. I want the Rodman to come here and together we will go in a bus to the airport, if you can't get him, then I want Clinton.

This plays out for what seems like an eternity. Finally Kim Jung Un says No. Give up.

"Jang Song, this is your last chance, you human piece of scum, give up!!!"


What would you do next?



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