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Midnight Express


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I was thinking that in January Colorado will actually have stores where anyone can buy some weed.

Of course I don't know the actual legislation, never read enough about it, so I thought I'd make something up.

Imagine dudes sitting around watching a football game, on comes a cool commercial with hot babes, some dudes climbing a mountain in the Amazon region,

and with a pick he pulls out a tiny bud then swings by vine into a over crowded happening bar where a very hot waitress says thanks man. Please smoke responsibly it says at the end of the commercial.

Then in another commercial, and this goes way back to the Colt 45 Malt Liquor dude casually tending goal during a hockey game, only he's smoking a joint. I imagine a lot of smoke and few toothless foes throwing down their gloves, and then forgetting why.

I thought I'd go skiing soon in Colorado. Someplace I've never been.

It's been a while. Probably at least 25 years since I've gotten stupid --- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MLT8jpuyKQ




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