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A lot of times what keeps a good mind down is fear, or dread.

Dread of mathematics, or science in school, or some of the required things people have to perform within the corporate realm, can keep a good mind down.

If you have children, you remember yourself the dread of doing homework when you were young. It's almost a universally known reality, starting in grade school and all the way to the university, if you go, almost ninety percent of us most of the time do wait until the very last second to complete an important assignment. And yes, this carries on throughout many peoples working lives.

We dread collectively a lot of things we must do, such as our figuring out our own taxes each year, buying auto insurance, deciding how best to budget our own finances and should we buy a home or rent, drive a car or not, ... many people fret about their lives style, yet never change bad habits, dread is the word, these things we do not do, to name but a few. Yes we all do, even if we are lucky enough to have a decent job.

So, say you're middle aged, or even younger, and say you are lucky and make what could be construed as a middle class wage. Does that mean you don't dread, absolutely no.

You worry about tomorrow,, what pray tell will that bring you, you wonder.

When I was young and first on my own, I was pretty poor, seldom had cash in my wallet after paying the rent. But I didn't worry. I was so excited about being on my own. So the story goes.... If you're like me, and near the same age, you are average.

What the hell is average? Actually, it's sort of mythological construction. One we all too often, myself very much included, allow to be real, as we constrain our own personal growth. And we do this with more tools that could help us achieve then we ever had before. But there's this most precious missing ingredient we fail to utilize.

Conservatives, Liberals and yes, Libertarians all know what that thing is. It's not just one thing like bravery, but you should learn not to worry so much about failing. You learn by doing, don't matter the job or the educational background, it is the truth. You have to do something before you find your talent.

You also have to have self respect. The best most gifted learners can also teach very well. The people I've been lucky to have been mentored by never really cared that much about striking it rich. It's the intrinsic joy of learning that they exemplified.

In the end, what's the whole point?


Sorry, didn't mean to lecture. I watching this show about kids in a bus who go to find a mentor in the field they wish to pursue. This girl listened to this respected guy in awe, and I kind of thought it was little too pedantic, the way he was talking to her... but then she came away from what he said with her own phrase which was, "learn to face your own dread, just a little each and every day".


If you see some poor homeless guy freezing to death, maybe you can't change his life, but maybe you could give him your coat. It's one small step. It won't eviscerate your dread of poverty, but it will help that fellow out maybe more than you know.


I'm all over the place with this post in a way. It's not penned well because it's written off the cuff or extemporaneously without enough planning to make it more concise and meaningful. Writing anything used to always be, and in many ways still is a real dread of my own. But even I can change such a personal challenge, simply by starting.


Go vote, I didn't really do it until I was 25, then I'd skip out. Now I do it every time, and have been for years, but what good is it if I do. I don't care, I just do and will.

Go exercise more, I always did when I was young. I played sports in high school, loved it. Then when I got hurt in my mid forties I found excuses. But that don't work.

You can change yourself. And don't be afraid of people smarter than you, learn from them. It's not a competition worth aggressively pursuing if you don't recognize that,

you are only as good as the competition. That means, go to where the best are if you can.




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