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colorado gunmen was an aredent liberal

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Worse than that he was the pinnicle of leftism according to his classmates adorning himself with communist/socialist propraganda pieces. Several news agencies later "edited" those parts out because "the kids had no idea what they were looking at".


Which is all nonsense, anyone with a textbook, google, or iphone can look up and see who Lenin is, who Marx is, etc.


It is a ruse by the liberal left to hide this guy, and for good reason, he championed their cause to the bloody end where so many leftists in history were willing to go, including the Great Mass-Murderer Stalin himself.



Someone needs to beat this drum loudly, just to show how dangerous the leftist mind is.


Once you have a fool who is babbling on about "the proletariat or salatariat" needing to "overthrow" their "bourgeoisie" overlords while holding a gun or power; watch out. shit is about to get real.



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Lefties jump the gun and blame Tea Party every time there is a shooting in USA. Gabby mouth Giffords and her gun toting husband are an example of this. Right away the tea party was accused of the shooting. Even Palin was blamed. These claims mostly all turn out to lies be and political concoctions. When one of their dear own is the shooter it is all covered up. I say dear own because the kid was "bullied, had to transfer to another school, was a communist and proud of it, trashed gop, and had a divorced mother. Then the outrage of all of this poor lads existence: he was demoted on the debating team. His self esteem took a hit. Someone didn't think he was all world. His pampered life took it's first hit. The obamaclones refuse to admit that this shooter was one of their own. The shame of it all. So what does Jr. do? He buys a gun he hates and proceeds to shoot up a school and himself. Now the libs, jumping with joy, start the endless gun control mantra. Colorado has a problem with the kids. Progressive education. The libs don't want the simple solution. Arm the teachers or have a cop in the school at all times. Nooooo. The little children might see a gun. These are the little tots who will learn by all getting a trophy, play in non scoring athletic events, purposely hold down scoring in football games, all be on the honor rolls because their self esteem might be hurt if they are not and getting to college without being able to read at high school levels. The shooter is one of these kids and a communist to boot.

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I've already proved in another thread that the guy was a republican conservative..all while you spell ardent as "aredent".


You may not realize this, Dano, but you saying something does not constitute "proof" of anything. Generally, pretty much the opposite; especially when the issue is guns and gun control. Sorry, but the reality is that this was a troubled kid that identified to the left politically, and everything you say contrary to that reality only further proves your status as a troll utterly disinterested in anything having to do with facts.

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I hate these arguments that all the recent gunmen were liberals. There are good and bad people on both sides. And please don't make this a political thing. I hated it when both sides did it for Sandy Hook.


They aren't arguments....they are facts, unreported by the liberal media.




In our age there is no such thing as 'keeping out of politics.' All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia.


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This is why liberals don't need a gun in their hand, they always act on emotions not logic.


Every human being acts first on emotion then sometimes backs it with logic to make themselves feel good about their decision (another emotion). You can't honestly not know that, can you? It's Human Nature 101.

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