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William1444 and other vets

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I agree that going Navy was one of the best things I ever did in my life.

Saw the world and got paid to do it. And our "cruise" ship tin can was completely

safe even if in 80-100 ft waves. We helped a lot of people with offloading

food and supplies after disasters even though getting back to Norfolk we were

eating toast with weivels and bugs in them the last few days at sea.


We were the USS ____ which stood for Underway on Saturdays and Sundays and

every other day and week. Spent more time gone than in "home" port. Got the

hell beat out of me crossing the Equator, but got the GI Bill in college and for my

first house, no money down. Got to visit Guantanamo and swim with the sharks

and to Scotland and Bermuda several times and to the Med with all its ports.


I would recommend that any 17 year old or above go into the Navy or Coasties if

you like rescuing people or air farce if you are afraid of going anywhere or firing a

weapon. As to the Army or Marines, they are honorable and mean well even if

too stupid to realize that bribed repulbican politicians just send them to be killed

and maimed so therich can get richer in oil companies, halliburton and the MI complex.

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I joined the Regular Army (RA all the way) in 1968. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was a dead ender and the army taught me the habits that I still have today. The service opened my eyes to the fact that there was more in the world than me. I thank god to this day that I had the sense to do it.

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