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repukicons giddy and gleeful over obamacare

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repukicons are so giddy and gleeful like little girls over obamacare, they

could just poop and pee their pants.


repukes love to LIE about obamacare, point with glee at a Canadian company's

software screwups, and whine about insurance companies' cancellation of

their moron followers' junk insurance policies and ripoffs.


Hey, here is a solution. Let the junk policies be grandfathered in. If insurance

companies then cancelled them or refused to reinstate them, obama should

point that out to defuse and deflate republicans' asinine comments it is not

obama care but the ripoff insurance companies who bribe republican politicians

that are screwing their policy holders just like the old days before obamacare.

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republicans pointing to obama care as bad, bad to deflect their

real screwups of moving manufacturing jobs to asia, no rebuilding of

our infrastructure here, just in Afghanistan, no fair taxation of the rich

at the same rates as working men and women, repukes constantly

hiring illegals.

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