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Why do libers ignore the unaffordablecareTAX failures ?

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Because it is ok to lie if you mean well....



BILL MAHER: It sure is hard if you're a politician, not that I'm really that sympathetic to them, to try to get information into people's heads. I don't think Obama should have lied to people.

PIERS MORGAN, HOST: It was a lie, wasn’t it?

MAHER: Well, hold on. First of all, insurance companies are always dropping people from their plans. This goes on, this went on before ObamaCare went on, after ObamaCare. We’re losing a lot of perspective here. But, yeah, he probably should have not been so blatant about saying you iron clad guarantee.

On the other hand, since he got no Republican votes and no Republican help, and since three years after it’s a law they’re still fighting it, can you imagine what it would be like if he said, “Yeah, some people your rates are going to up.” I mean, he, the thing passed by this much. If they said that, they might have lost the whole thing. And politicians are always making compromises like that.

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