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GM/Government Motors

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I thought all the Libbies said GM had paid off all their taxpayer loans with interest a while back, if I'm reading this right somebody lied, Dano Bivens for one. Thus far the government/taxpayers have recovered about $29.8 billion of the $49.5 billion dollar bailout, government/taxpayers still own around 270 million shares of GM stock. In order to just break even the remaining shares must be sold at around $72 per share, GM stock closed at $28.37 today.

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We lost 10 billion on GM but we are up 11 billion overall in our investments in US jobs. This is what I want my presidents investing in. Romney and china investments lost. Sorry nutjobs. Obama is commited to US workers.


G.M. Taxpayers lost about $10 billion on their $49.5 billion investment in the Detroit automaker. With the final sale of G.M. stock, this important chapter in our nations history is now closed, Mr. Lew said. In all, taxpayers have ended up in the black on the crisis-related bailouts, Treasury officials said. It has recovered $433 billion from the Troubled Asset Relief Program after initially investing about $422 billion

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